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Left-handedness – Terms

Most cultures have employed value-laden insults to describe left-handedness. Some of the terms are common and obvious in meaning (such as “sinister”), but you will be less familiar with some of these examples. Where possible, the language of origin and meaning of the words have been indicated. Terms describing Left-handedness: bongo (Romany; meaning crooked or evil) cack-handed (British English; meaning […]

Lefty in the school – The Odd One Out at School

Has your left-handed child lost interest at school? The reason may be abuse due to his left-handed behaviour. The educational difficulties of left-handed children are much more serious than most people realize. While we now accept left-handers in our schools, we do not do enough to help them overcome the obstacles they may face. Many left-handed children become lost in […]

Definition of Left Handedness

Basic to any analysis of left-handedness is a working definition of handedness. Left-handedness and right-handedness must be defined in standard terms. The layperson tends to focus upon handedness as the sole factor of sidedness. It is important to realize that left-eyedness, left-footedness, and left-earedness exist. Therefore, sidedness is a function of all these factors, and scientists use questionnaires that measure […]

Intelligence in your Hand

Some people feel left-handers are more intelligent. Right-handers might disprove but there are theories which indicate that the hand you use determines your intelligence too. The brain is divided into two halves, right and left. When the left hemisphere of the brain is dominant the person becomes right handed, and vice versa for the right hand. The dominant hemisphere perceives […]

Left-Handedness – Indian Perspective

India has a great past and a history of thousands of years. Religion and religious scriptures played a significant role in shaping Indian social Psyche. Though Religion came into existence as a guiding principle to Life on the path of enlightenment and for the progress of the society towards a civilized existence, in the later stages of the History,  many  […]

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