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Online Left Handers

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Aims & Objectives


  • Create awareness among parents, teachers, trainers and other people that LEFT-HANDEDNESS is normal.
  • Eradicate the superstitions about the use of left hand in pooja, cooking, eating, money transactions and other activities,
  • Conduct research projects about Handedness, Cerebral  Dominance,  Laterality and related topics,
  • Study the problems of left-handers working in a right-handers'  world, to make them aware of possible dangers and  to find feasible solutions for them,
  • Create a database about Left-handers and Handedness,
  • Encourage manufacturers to make articles suitable for left-handed use and give them a ready market,
  • Organise coaching classes & competitions of various games and arts for Left-handers,
  • Conduct personality tests, psychological assessments and to impart guidance,
  • Arrange clinics for counselling,
  • Collect and distribute latest knowledge about Handedness and related topics,
  • Create a forum for exchange of thoughts, ideas, experiences and  creative expressions.


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